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As permanent teeth emerge, they might not be positioned where they should be. Crowded or crooked teeth are common problems, but proper teeth alignment is important for overall oral and physical health. To correct the issue, children, teens and adults might need orthodontic treatment. Fortunately, our experienced orthodontist in Woodbridge can provide the care that you or your kids need. Find out more when you visit us for a consultation.

What Are Orthodontics?

As a specialty, orthodontic dentistry involves addressing misalignment or irregular issues with the jaws and teeth. Dentists who practice this dental specialty are referred to as orthodontists. While they’re similar to dentists, orthodontists complete extra training and education.

Specifically, an orthodontist focuses on straightening teeth and correcting bites. Because of that, dentists often refer patients who need those treatments to orthodontists. Braces are the most common orthodontic care that orthodontists provide. You can get more information about our orthodontic services during your appointment.


Why Do Some People Get Fitted with Orthodontic Devices?

You might hear orthodontists and their staff members refer to braces with different terms. Some examples include orthodontic appliances, brackets and devices. No matter which term they use to describe them, this corrective treatment can fix several types of problems:

  • Crossbite, open bite and buck teeth problems
  • Overbite and underbite issues
  • Crowded teeth
  • Jaw misalignment that results in an uneven bite
  • Gaps between teeth

Straightening out these irregularities will improve not only your appearance, but also your ability to speak and chew well. Not correcting these issues can result in headaches, tooth decay, earaches and gum disease. They can make it difficult to chew and speak, too.

Are There Different Types of Braces?

There are several types of orthodontic appliances that can correct jaw and teeth misalignment. The main ones are fixed brackets and removable aligners. Ask our knowledgeable orthodontists about other types.

Fixed appliances consist of brackets that our orthodontists attach to the inside or outside surfaces of teeth. You can choose from clear ceramic or stainless steel materials. However, today’s technology allows the metal brackets to be smaller and less noticeable. Also, the types of fixed braces in Woodbridge feature stainless steel or titanium bands that connect a flexible wire across the brackets. Our dentists might use other accessories to control the gradual movement of your teeth.

Removable aligners are invisible mouthguard-like appliances that you wear as long as possible during the day and remove them at mealtimes and while sleeping. You use the first set of aligners for two or three weeks and after that, you switch to a new set to continue the alignment process. You repeat this until your teeth have shifted into the proper place. Invisible aligners are only intended for those who need minor realignment. Also, they’re a great maintenance therapy for preserving the results of other orthodontic treatments.

Should Parents Be Aware of Anything Specific with Children’s Appliances?

It’s important for parents to understand the process of preparing and caring for kids’ orthodontic devices. First of all, it’s common for children between 8 and 14 years old to get orthodontic treatment. In fact, their teeth are easier to move during this age range because their facial bones are still developing.

Preparing for orthodontics consists of a full mouth exam, which includes getting X-rays to see the position of the teeth and bite. Our team will also create plaster models in order to provide accurate treatment recommendations. If your child’s teeth are overcrowded, one of our orthodontists might suggest having one or more removed so that the rest will fit better.

Next, our orthodontists will help you make decisions about customizing your kid’s treatment. In most cases, children wear these devices for a year or two. You’ll visit our office several times over the course of treatment to tighten the wires. Doing so gradually moves the teeth into place, and can cause slight, temporary discomfort.

Also during treatment, you need to reduce the starchy and sugary foods that your child eats because these can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Hard foods, such as carrots, need to be cut into small pieces because they can damage orthodontic appliances. Finally, you must ensure that your child carefully and thoroughly brushes and rinses to remove bacteria and food particles. Getting professional teeth cleanings twice a year is essential.

Are There Adult Braces?

Along with other options, adults can get fixed and removable types of braces. Generally, the treatment preparation follows the same steps, and the care guidelines are the same. However, adults end up wearing the appliances longer since their facial features are no longer developing. During your evaluation, ask one of our helpful orthodontists about getting braces in Woodbridge.

What’s the Braces Cost Estimate?

The cost of orthodontic treatment varies greatly because the type and materials you choose have different prices. It’s important for you to understand your insurance or discount plan coverage, since it may not cover all materials and appliance types. Our orthodontist can provide a cost estimate after developing a treatment plan. Either way, orthodontic treatment is a good investment in dental and overall health.

Where Are Orthodontic Devices Available?

Are you searching for “an orthodontist near me”? You can be assured that you’ll find the right orthodontic care for children and adults at our practice. Make an appointment today to see our exceptional orthodontist in Woodbridge.

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